3:45am August 28, 2013

i really really really wanna rp

fantasy stuff



5:31am July 18, 2012

That awkward moment that you see an ad for an RP partner that seems to be perfect with their interests, requirements and whatnot.

And you go to message them

And are that they’re one of the shitty partners you basically blacklisted

And they had even added something in their ad about past partners and you realize they’re talking about you.

1:54am May 12, 2012

Kassie still wants someone to talk to

this is lame

I’m too tired to draw any more Avenger Benders

Like so:


if someone wants to talk

or RP

or something

That’d be cool

6:00pm September 20, 2011

Roleplay Partner(s) or Group Wanted

Hello, hi, I guess personal introductions can wait, so let’s get more into the point of this post.

As the title said, I’m looking for a partner, or more, or a group. At my peak, I would post no less than 700 words, and would occasionally go over a thousand words. Now, I’m more comfortable with at least two solid paragraphs worth for a character, but I can adjust to do more if needed. I would like to be involved with people who can at least correctly capitalize and spell and works in third person.

I am all for fandom based RPs (I have a wide variety, from loads of video games, movies, TV shows, etc.). If you aren’t for it, I can handle most any genre, though I quite enjoy at least a romantic side. I’m not afraid of adult content, and quite enjoy the more mature themes, if you must know.

So, if anyone has any ideas or would like to talk about it, my ask is always open, or you can email me at



11:56pm July 2, 2011

I’m kinda hungry.

Watching a documentary on Burlesque. Roleplaying.

Speaking of which, anyone looking for an RP partner? I’m literate, and used to never go below 700 words when I was doing it regularly. Quick posters. Fairly versatile with roles, and I quite enjoy fandom RPs. Hit up my ask box or email ( if interested~